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Are Home Improvements Tax Deductible?

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  Why Choose Us While home improvements are generally not tax deductible, improvements or repairs can give you tax benefits if part of your home is used for a home office or part of it is rented out. While home improvements can’t be deducted if you don’t have a home office or a rental unit,… Read more »

Can a Home Improvement Contractor Pull Permits?

Blueprints and Materials

  Why Choose Us A good contractor will help you to get the necessary permits you need while doing home improvements. It’s important to understand why permits are needed and when you need to apply for them, so keep reading to get a better idea of what to expect. Why You Need a Building Permit… Read more »

Winter Home Preparation Checklist

Winter Night

  Why Choose Us Winterize Your Windows Winter Roof Repairs Winterizing your home can take some time and should be done in the fall to make sure your home makes it through the cold winter months. Waiting too long to take up winter home preparation tasks can leave you with a busted sprinkler system or… Read more »

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