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How to Tell When You Need a Professional Carpenter

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You can pick up basic woodworking skills by yourself, but there are times when you really need to ask yourself this question: “Do I need a professional carpenter?” Even the most ardent DIYers shouldn’t handle certain projects alone, including:

  • Gazebos and pergolas

  • Stairs and railings

  • Trims

  • Window and door frames

  • Sheds and playhouses

Here’s why those projects demand a professional contractor.

Gazebo or Pergola

A gazebo or pergola adds to the style of your garden while offering a nice shaded space to sit back and enjoy the great outdoors without harassment from the sun or rain. As larger structures that can pose a danger to those beneath if anything goes wrong, choose the right local carpenters when you’re putting one together.

Stairs and Railings

Squeaky step? Loose railing? It might sound easy enough to conduct stair or railing repair on your lonesome, but a professional carpenter is going to be better at diagnosing the problem’s root cause and making the exact cuts necessary to put things square.

Shed or Playhouse

Whether protecting your tools or providing a play area for your kids, a shed or playhouse is a great, if slightly expensive, addition to your outside space. A carpenter can help select the right materials, acquire the right permits, and put together a solid structure.

Window and Door Frames

Window and door frames can develop problems for several reasons, and any damage can grow considerably worse over time. As soon as you notice an issue, contact a carpenter. As with stair and railing repair, work on window and door frames is far from as straightforward as it seems.


Trim and molding is a small touch that makes a big difference, and it’s a relatively easy job to take care of alone. Unfortunately, imperfections will be very noticeable, so even getting things 99% right doesn’t cut it. Instead, contact a professional carpenter to be sure you avoid any flaws in the long-term.

Don’t Make the Rookie Mistake of Going Without a Carpenter

These projects demand exact measurements and the attention of a professional, and the costs associated with unwise amateur craftsmanship can be huge. As such, you should call a local carpenter. Marcotte General Contracting works nationwide from our base in Dyer, IN, so contact us today for any advice or assistance.

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