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Home Remodeling Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

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Whether you’re seeking fashionable living or looking to sell and hoping to catch the attention of potential buyers, paying attention to 2018 home remodeling trends is a very good idea. The latest hot home remodeling projects include:

  • Adding a mudroom

  • Enhancing accessibility

  • Upgrading the master bedroom

  • First-class finished basements

  • Going eco-friendly

  • Jabba’s palace

Adding a Mudroom

What is a mudroom? It’s a small room where dirty shoes and coats go to protect the rest of your home from rain and muck, plus a handy storage area for outside clothing and accessories. A mudroom with enclosed patio could add plenty to your property value, and you always have the option of including electrical or plumbing work for added practicality.

Enhancing Accessibility

More and more people are looking to stay in the homes they love as they age, which makes accessibility accommodations vital. Widening hallways and doorways is one of the most common projects — it isn’t cheap, but think of it as a solid investment in your future.

Upgrading the Master Bedroom

Master bedroom suites used to be nothing more than a toilet and power shower, but luxury seems to be the watchword for 2018. A luxury master bath with attached closet makes the best use of the space and provides parents with their own little sanctuary.

First-Class Finished Basements

Converting your basement is one of the best ways to add a room to your home and boost its value. As with the master bedroom suite, current trends are leaning towards luxury. Instead of the typically rough-and-ready basement, think about a kitchenette, bathroom, and even a home theatre.

Going Eco-Friendly

Adding eco-friendly fixtures is always a good idea — for 2018, we’re seeing a sharper focus on eco-friendly materials. Upgrading insulation, installing smart features, and using timber and stone collected in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner is a good way to go about your remodeling.

Jabba’s Palace

Twi’lek dancing girls aren’t cheap, but the best never are. Remember to excavate down at least 30 feet for the rancor pit before starting work on the main audience chamber, and don’t forget to pick weathered tile and stone for that genuine Tatooine ambience. The Max Rebo Band is booked solid, but — and I know this isn’t very PC — male Ortolan all look pretty much the same. Get a tribute band.

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