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So Hot Right Now: Shower Tile Ideas

Your shower is more than a place to get clean. It’s also an important decorative element, and it’s a part of your home that could have a huge impact on its value. As such, consider one of the following cool shower tiles ideas when you’re next tackling some renovation work:

Busting up tile
  • Glass Tile
  • Wood Tile
  • Travertine Tile
  • Rock Tile
  • Cultured Marble Tile
  • Subway Tile

The style you pick will impact everything from bathroom remodel cost to ongoing maintenance, so here’s a closer look at each option.


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Glass Tile

Glass shower tile is surprisingly easy to maintain using any multi-purpose bathroom spray, and it’s perfect for creating your own custom mosaic appearance by combining different colors and styles. That said, it’s also one of the pricier shower tile options, so you might want to look elsewhere if you’re on a tight budget.

Wood Tile

Natural wood is a natural no-no for the shower, but faux wood tile is becoming more popular. Made from ceramic or porcelain, faux wood tile provides a rustic appearance without the risk of swelling or rot.

Travertine Tile

Travertine is a popular natural stone to use in the bathroom, so travertine tiled showers are becoming more common. It does need to be sealed to prevent mold and mildew, and you’ll need to avoid certain bathroom cleaners. That said, travertine possesses striking upper-class beauty and is one of the cheaper natural stones.

Rock Tile

Rock and pebble shower tiles are ideal when you want to add a slightly unique edge. River rock tiles can be created from individual pieces you make into a mosaic or bought in precut sizes. You’ll need a natural stone cleaner, and you should prepare for plenty of grout lines.

Cultured Marble Tile

Cultured marble is easy to scratch, and it’s going to command quite a high price. That said, it delivers an unrivalled sense of classic sophistication that most homeowners find hard to resist.

Subway Tile

Subway tiles are a hot option at present. A glossy finish provides a striking appearance, and there are plenty of color choices to help you decide on a timeless appearance.

These Shower Tile Ideas Could Really Make Your Bathroom Pop

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