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Top Tips for Perfectly Painting a Room

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Interior wall painting is deceptively tricky, but following our room painting tips can:

  • Prevent uneven color application

  • Prevent streaks

  • Perfect your edge work

  • Speed up the drying process

  • Save you from running out of paint

Going to be tackling some home improvement work? Better read on.

Pay Attention to These Room Painting Tips

  • Clean & Inspect: Check the walls for dents and cracks – larger repairs may require professional assistance. Finish by giving them a clean to remove any pesky dirt or dust.

  • Google the Weather: Rainy and humid days should be avoided since paint won’t dry as effectively. Check the weather for your chosen painting days before you commit.

  • Prepare the Room: Cover the floor, furniture, and anything else you don’t want paint on. Remove outlet covers.

  • Choose Quality Tools: Cheap rollers and brushes result in uneven application. Quality equipment will hold paint better and apply it evenly.

  • Choose Quality Paint: Use a high-quality paint to ensure the room will look its best and won’t age prematurely.

  • Buy a Little Extra: You should risk buying too much paint instead of too little. There’s always going to be wastage, and you might need to mix a specific color. Having to go back to the store to complete a wall will probably result in uneven color application.

  • Start with the Trim: Most homeowners leave the trim till last, but applying paint there first helps easily cover any errors you make on the wall.

  • Paint Evenly: It’s common for first-timers to create paint streaks. To prevent this from happening, paint in the same stroke from the top of the wall to the bottom. Only overlap where the paint has not yet dried, especially when you’re applying the second coat.

  • Practice Edging: Cutting an edge can help cover hard to reach areas. Dip an angled brush into your paint bucket, then face the bristles towards the edge you wish to paint. The bristles will push out along the edge to create an even coat.

  • Contact a Professional When You Must: Are you painting multiple rooms or taking on more complex designs? Might be best to hire in a professional.

We’re Always Here to Offer Room Painting Advice

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