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Winter Home Preparation Checklist

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Why Choose Us Winterize Your Windows Winter Roof Repairs

Winterizing your home can take some time and should be done in the fall to make sure your home makes it through the cold winter months. Waiting too long to take up winter home preparation tasks can leave you with a busted sprinkler system or worse. The following tips and useful home improvements will help you relax during the cold months and avoid a disaster.

Check Your Heating System

The first thing on your winter home maintenance checklist is to check your heating system. This may seem like an obvious thing, but it’s critical that you have heat to keep you warm over the winter. Give the heating system a once-over and check all the ducts in the fall to ensure you don’t have any issues later on. You should make sure to turn the heating up to at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit to test it properly, and change out the air filter if it needs replacing.

Protect Your Pipes From Freezing

If you have any exterior pipes, you’ll want to make sure the water is turned off in that area. You can usually shut if off inside your home, and you’ll have to drain water from it by opening up the exterior faucet to fully prevent it from freezing and bursting.

Blow Out Your Sprinklers

In addition to shutting of the water to the exterior pipers and faucets, you’ll also need to blow out your sprinkler system. Use an air compressor to blow pressurized air through the system to purge out all the water. This will prevent water from staying in the lines and later freezing and bursting them.

Check the Exterior of Your Home

Not only should you examine your roof, but you should also check all of your backyard areas for potential damage that should be repaired. Especially with your roof, you’ll want to check for loose shingles and damaged areas that might let cold air into your home. Check the exterior for damages to siding and also make sure all of your patio furniture is covered and protected.

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